Welcome to SimTecT 2014

Simulation Australia, the national body for those working in simulation across Australasia, brings together SimTecT 2014 and SimHealth 2014 for the second year, with opportunities for a number of joint sessions of mutual interest.

Simulation - as a critical new technology and methodology - is being rapidly embraced across all domains from defence, mining, resources and heavy industries, to emergency and national security services, transport and education.

In addition to showcasing current advances in simulation across these fields, SimTecT 2014 explores the “NEW DIMENSIONS” of virtual and blended learning, games, architecture, urban studies, virtual cultural heritage, manufacturing and industrial design.

Join us in August 2014 to share, inform, experience and explore simulation in research, education and technology innovation.


Boundaries that may exist in education, training, research and professional collaboration. …Read more

Serious Games Showcase

Showcasing interactive game-based training solutions across Australia and New Zealand. …Read more

In-Conference Workshops

Develop and update your knowledge and skills to grow an effective simulation capability. …Read more

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